About us

Kluki is a village that combines almost all of the elements of Pomerania’s historic landscape: numerous dunes, a lake with surrounding marshlands, peatbogs and meadows, woods and stretches of glacial moraine hills. All this natural beauty is accompanied by wattle and daub thatched cottages, scattered around old woods and gardens on both sides of the road that still serves the local community. Some of the homesteads remain in their original locations, while some have been relocated to old settlements, forming the Museum of Slovinic Countryside – the oldest part of Kluki. Meticulously recreated gardens, bread ovens standing outside the houses, cellars and well cranes, farming and fishing tools scattered about the homesteads, drying fishing nets and animals grazing nearby – all this creates the feeling of standing in the centre of a 19th-century Slovinic fishing village, making the museum a truly authentic location. The value of the presented exhibits is additionally increased by the recreated house interiors, outbuildings and workshops.

The exhibits depicting the Slovinic culture of the local people are accompanied by thematic exhibitions and regular workshops showing the daily life and practices of the 19th-century residents of the place, their cuisine and farming activities, depending on the season.